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Simple Trick Men Use To Attract Women

Simple Trick Men Use To Attract Women
If you are expecting me to mention;
1. Appearance
2. Personality
3. Six-packs
4. Dressing
5. Diction.
You are on a long thing. The only simple trick to attract women is:

What are friends for?

Hahahaha, friends are always wonderful.

I reached home late last night and dad asked me "where were you?
Me : At a friend's place dad.
In front of me, dad called 10 of my friends.
4 of them said "yes sir, he was here",
2 said "he just left sir",
3 said "he's here sir, studying, should I give the phone to him? ��������and 1 of them went an extra mile to speak to dad (in my voice) "Yes dad...what's happening, am at my friends place"
I fainted. *seenoevil*

If you value your crazy friends pass your comment, I do have many...