A Beautiful Home

My hot neighbor

Wow... another great time with neighbour, even better as impromptu !!
Had early finish at work so I hurriedly went to her apartment . I stood at back door and told her I was bit hot and sweaty from ride.
I pulled her close to me and kissed her neck and unbuttoned her blouse and took it off.. her breasts were pushed up in her lovely bra... I unhooked it and it fell off leaving me to suck her nines which were hard in no time.
She rubbed her pussy through her skirt and said I'm wet and up for it hun so i pulled the skirt off.. and hand rubbed over her knickers. .. she wasn't lying... wet.
I closed the blind to the window and back door and she grabbed my bulge through the shorts and said what she wanted. .. then pulled them off along with my small underwear (for cycling).
She said... your cocks lovely and ready as usual and wife wants me to milk you so here you go. She stroked it and balls nearly bringing to orgasm twice then squeezing to stop.. then after we got on the floor she lubed her fingers with cream from shopping and played with my rear area.. her finger was in my arse and rubbing me ... making my cock harder. sucking my cock at the same time i was swelling up again with cum..
Then stopping to preve cumming she whipped her knickers off and sat on top of me....
to be continued. ..

Continued. .

She was on top with me laying on kitchen floor. Slow then hard then slow. . She was so wet and her juices were all over the base of my cock, pubic hair and balls. When going hard it slipped out and she slid back on.

She leant forward and I kissed her neck then breasts and nipples. .. my hands on her arse cheeks pulling her closer. I slapped her arse a few times and then rubbed round her crack and pussy all wet with juices.

I fucked her hard while she still leant forward.. then told her I wanted to lick her wet pussy. . She slid off me and asked if wanted a 69 but I wanted to just give her oral.. so she laid ask and opened her legs.. Pussy was wide and lips swollen and wet.

I dived straight into her and licked away for not too long until she CAME strongly. ..she had a great orgasm and couldn't touch her for a few mins, and as she came she jerked backwards and hit her head on bottom of kitchen unit. I asked if ok but she just laughed and said .. BALLS, didn't think you'd give me sore head !

She was OK after few mins and said wanted my cum...

I got her on her knees in front of me with her leaning on forearms on floor so arse pointing right at me. I spanked her arse cheeks and then slid my cock all the way inside her lover wet pussy. .. she banged back onto me so hard and noisey... Love the Squelching from pussy. .. and bodies slapping into each other.

It's my favourite position and a guarantee to cum... which after a few more mins happened.

A big shot then smaller ones as I filled her pussy with my love cream.

To be continued. .

To be continued...

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